Memorial Day we remember those who suffered served and sacrificed.

Memorial Day 
 we remember those who suffered served and sacrificed.

Michael Shell 's 10 Point Plan to Make Gadsden Grow Again.

Michael Shell's 10 Point Plan to Make Gadsden Grow Again 28 August 2018

1. Eliminate the City of Gadsden's 2% employment tax.
2. Term Limits.
Only two terms for any elected office in Gadsden Alabama including the mayor and council. 
3. Elect Michael Shell Mayor and 7 new Growth minded council members so together we can,
Make Gadsden Grow Again.
4. Build a Civic Center that will accommodate and seat 25,000 + people.
Outdoors at first, with a long plan to have a complete building in our future.
5. Flights departing and connecting Gadsden's airport.
For Gadsden to grow, we must have connecting flights. 
6. Simplify the building process.
Allow houses and homes to be build on 50 foot lots,
one bedroom or more,
1000 to10,000 Square feet.
7. Roll out the red carpet for Business.
All Business, Large and Small, Any Business will be welcomed in Gadsden, Alabama.
No red tape. Purchase your business license, and your doing business in Gadsden. 
8. A simple sign ordnance.
If the words on your sign can be printed in the Gadsden Messenger or Gadsden Times, put it up TODAY.
No council approval needed. No permit needed. No size requirements.
Make your sign Big and Bold. NO RED TAPE.
9. Sell as many of the Gadsden owned properties as possible at a public auction.
The city owns restaurants and golf courses.
These properties need to be owned and managed by private citizens and pay taxes on these properties. 
10. Promote Gadsden Alabama to all 50 States, and around the world.
Gadsden is located 60 miles north of Birmingham, 100 miles south of Chattanooga Tennessee, and 125 miles west of Atlanta Georgia.
We have great people.
We have a great location.
With a Growth Minded mayor Michael Shell and 7 new Growth Minded council members, together we can, together we will, 
Make Gadsden Grow Again.
Thank you sincerely for your prayers, support and vote Tuesday 28 August 2018.
Make Gadsden Grow Again √
Michael Shell's 10 Point Plan


Michael Shell 
is committed to leading Gadsden Alabama 
to growing again.
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 Gadsden's election 28 August 2018.
Get Ready.
Get Registered.
Get Growing with Michael Shell Mayor.


 Gadsden has so many good people.
Gadsden has so many good employees.
Gadsden is a great place to work and live.

Michael Shell is committed to
Making Gadsden Grow Again.
We Can.
We Will, with you help and support.
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This is a Team effort.
Gadsden Alabama has been in decline for many years.
Growth starts with a 
Growth minded mayor and city council.
Fact;   1950 Gadsden's population was 55,000
Today about 35,000
Leadership Matters.
Together we will
Make Gadsden Great Again.
Making Gadsden Strong Again, and last but not least,
Make Gadsden Grow Again.

Michael Shell Mayor Facts

Michael Shell is committed to being your mayor,
so together we can,
Make Gadsden Grow Again √

It's nice to have someone working hard for you.
 I'm no stranger to hard work and long hours.
Please click below and read my 10 point plan.

Michael Shell's
10 Point Plan
Make Gadsden Grow Again
28 August 2018
Click Here to see my complete
Two points of my 10 point plan is:
1. Eliminate the 2% employment tax √
2. Only Two Terms ONLY
For Gadsden's mayor and council √

Give $1 or $1000 but please give.
Send your gifts to:
Box #2537 Gadsden, Alabama 35903

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