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NO mLm.
Just people helping people.

This will be the biggest money maker in 2017!
This is for leaders. 
You will have the potential to make 84 Bitcoins each and every month with only 0.1 BTC 
(about $100) to start!
There is going to be big leaders with huge teams join this, 
so the sooner you get in the better. 
The Matrix is a 2x5 with spillover.
Just register with the link below and get started making 84 BTC a month!

We just opened 12 FEB 2017
and you are in the 
right place at the right time.

Share this call replay with two or more people who believe in YOU.

.1 Bitcoin about $100 one time out of pocket.
Bring two friends who like bitcoin and/or would like to receive money for there cause.

Bitcoin Funding TEAM
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Listen to this Bitcoin Funding Team Call.

All Bitcoin Funding Team 
Call Replays at 20Biz.com/call 

 Michael Shell's Weekly Wednesday Call.

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Michael Shell for Gadsden Mayor 28 August 2018  
Together we will;
Make Gadsden Grow Again .

Michael Shell for Gaddsden Mayor 2018

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